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Author Style Guide

Prospective authors can submit in a variety of style/formats but if accepted we will ask the author to reformat the article according to this
in-house style guide


Submissions of articles should include–

Society of Biblical Literature
Legacy SP Fonts


Manuscript formatting

All manuscripts should be submitted using the Chicago Manual of Style author-date system––


Considerations of manuscripts begins immediately upon receipt of contributions and is usually completed within six weeks of receipt.

If you are a book reviewer for the Evangelical Review of Society and Politics and want a list of books we currently hold for review to chose from, or if you are interested in becoming a book reviewer for the journal, see the FOR REVIEWERS page.

Transfer of Copyright Policy

The Evangelical Review of Society and Politics and The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics operates a copyright policy which is particularly favourable to authors. By submitting the final version of an article, book review or other contribution for publication in the journal, authors agree to the following terms:

a) For twelve months from the date of publication, all contributions remain the sole property of The Evangelical Review of Society and Politics and The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics. During that period, the journal has exclusive rights to publish and distribute your contribution. After the twelve month period expires the copyright of a contribution returns to the author(s), who is/are free to circulate and distribute their material elsewhere without prior permission from or having to notify the Editors, provided the Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics is always acknowledged as the original place of publication.

b) After the copyright returns to the author(s), the Editors of the journal nonetheless retain permission to reproduce the article for perpetuity in whichever format they choose in order to continue distributing your contribution as widely as possible.

c) In the case of multiple authors of a contribution, publication is conditional upon the author returning the final version of a manuscript for publication in the journal acting on behalf of the other author(s) and that all authors have read and agree with this copyright policy.

d) Authors reproducing material in The Evangelical Review of Society and Politics and The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics, which has been previously published or copyrighted elsewhere confirm they have secured any and all relevant permissions to reproduce such material in the journal. The Editors take no responsibility whatsoever for such breaches of copyright or securing such permissions, which is solely the responsibility of the author(s).



Original Articles

Articles are a considered and relatively in-depth examination of a particular subject relating to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelical theology and the Evangelical Churches.

Articles should normally be between 5,000 and 6,000 words, plus footnotes/bibliographic notes. We cannot automatically accept any submission that is greater than 8,500 words in total (i.e., a global word count including title, keywords, abstract, article, footnotes and/or bibliography, an absolute maximum of 8,500).

TER Forum

Contribution to The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics Forum are by invitation.

Conference papers

Conference papers can be published after conferences, or to coincide with their initial presentation at a conference (replaced by an updated paper after the event). Guidelines for articles would apply to conference papers. In all cases please contact the editor initially to discuss the possibility of publishing conference papers.

Review Article

Review articles should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words (including footnotes), and must review more than one book; this may be two books, three, or a series. The review article should be written as more than just a book review and will have paragraphs that relate the works reviewed to Biblical Studies, wider theological issues, and/or to society and politics.

Book Reviews

Book reviews (reviews of a single volume) must be between 600 and 1200 words in total (including footnotes, if used).

If you have an idea for either a review article or a book review please contact our book review editor to see if your proposed idea may be relevant or acceptable: See the FOR REVIEWERS page

Research Updates

Tell the Church and the academic community about your PhD research. Submit a research update – a maximum of 1500 words.

If you have any questions
regarding a submission,
please contact us:


The Evangelical Review

of Theology & Politics

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