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Contents : The Evangelical Review
of Theology and Politics Vol. 9, 2021

The Evangelical Review

of Theology & Politics

Volume 9, 2021

VOL. 9, 2021


Article: 2021-01
Dennis Greeson
Theosis in the Thought of Herman Bavinck?:
Thomas F. Torrance’s Reconstruction of the Doctrine
and its Promise for Bavinck’s Theology.’

|| Herman Bavinck || Thomas F. Torrance || Theosis ||
|| Nature and Grace || Union with Christ ||

Central to understanding Herman Bavinck’s creation ontology is
the dictum “grace restores and perfects nature.” The sec-
ond half of this, namely that God’s work of grace aims to
lead creation towards its perfection, is often neglected
in articulations of Bavinck’s theology. To help under-
score the importance of this perfecting work, with its
soteriological and eschatological dimensions, this
essay proposes that there is a fundamental similarity
between this element of Bavinck’s thought and the
doctrine of theosis. To that end, this essay examines
Thomas F. Torrance’s doctrine of theosis, as a facet of his
broader trinitarian theology, to highlight that not only do
Bavinck and Torrance bear some surprising similarities, but also
Torrance provides language helpful to re-examine Bavinck’s eschatological
anthropology in light of the category of theosis.

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021, pages, A1-16

Dan Martin,
‘Let the Simple Learn Wisdom:
Difficulties in Constructing a Biblical Theology
of the Proverbs’

||  Biblical Theology ||  Wisdom Literature ||  New Testament use of the Old Testament ||
 Old Testament Theology ||  Inter-Textuality ||

This paper argues that a robust Biblical theology of the book of Proverbs is lacking, even amidst the swelling Biblical theology literature of recent decades. A survey of contemporary trends in Biblical theology with respect to the Proverbs reveals two broad approaches, both of which struggle – in distinct ways – to deal precisely with the text of Proverbs as it is situated within the canon. This paper will offer a limited critique of these broader trends before focusing on the foundational issue of how to establish inductively-derived categories in Biblical theology. The paper concludes by outlining the steps towards the construction of a Biblical theology of the Proverbs which is both robustly exegetical and richly inter-textual.

Uploaded/Published : January 9, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2020, pages, A17-36

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The Evangelical Review

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Review: 2021-01
Forster, G., & Cross, A. R. (eds),
Human flourishing: Economic wisdom for a
fruitful Christian vision of the good life.
Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2020,

Reviewed by
Stephen M. Vantassel.

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR1-4

Review: 2021-02
Thomas Kidd,
Who is an Evangelical?:
The History of a Movement in Crisis.
New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2020.

Reviewed by
Geoffrey Butler

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR5-8.

Review: 2021-03
Richard Bauckham,
Who Is God?
Key Moments of Biblical Revelation.
Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Publishing, 2020

Reviewed by
Cathryn Carmichael.

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR9-10.

Review: 2021-04
James B. Jordan
Christendom and the Nations.
West Monroe, LA: Theopolis Books, Athanasius Press, 2019

Reviewed by
Jonathan Ashbach.

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR11-14.

Review: 2021-05
Scot McKnight and B. J. Oropeza, eds.
Perspectives on Paul: Five Views.
Contributors: John M.G. Barclay, A. Andrew Das,
James D. G. Dunn, Brant Pitre, and Magnus Zetterholm.
Reviewed by Cathryn Carmichael.

Uploaded/Published : January 20, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR15-18.

Review: 2021-06
Brad D. Strawn and Warren S. Brown.

Enhancing Christian Life:
How Extended Cognition Augments Religious Community.
Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2020.
Reviewed by Viktor J. Tóth.

Uploaded/Published : February 20, 2021 | ERTP Vol 9, 2021,
pages, BR19-22.

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