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The Evangelical Review of Theology & Politics
Vol. 6, 2018

VOL. 6, 2018

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The Evangelical Review

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Richard Tanksley and Marlin Schaich
‘Marxist Parallels With The Seven Mountain Mandate’

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2018

Sochanngam Shirik
‘The Battle for Inerrancy: How the Doctrine of Inerrancy is Affecting Christian Relationships and Missions’

Uploaded/Published : February 10, 2018

Zach Doppelt
‘Kingdom of Grace and Kingdom of Glory:
A Reassessment of Historic Views of Christ’s Kingdom’

Uploaded/Published : March 21, 2018

David Thang Moe
‘Toward a Perichoretic Trinitarian Theology of Religions: A Response to Amos Yong, Harold Netland and Gerald McDermott’

Illustration: Anton Rublev, ‘The Trinity,’ 15th century, after the three angels that visited Abraham at the Oaks of Mamre - Genesis 18:1-15.

Uploaded/Published : April 29, 2018

Stephen M. Vantassel
‘A Pastoral-Theological Assessment of the Conflict Between Atheistic Evolution, Creationism, and Scripture’

Uploaded/Published : June 16, 2018

David Muthukumar S.
‘“Joy to the World”: Understanding the Event of “God Becoming Human” through a Gadamerian Hermeneutic’

Uploaded/Published : September 11, 2018


Review Article
Christ, Israel …
and a
Palestinian Cry:
A Review Essay

Yohanna Katanacho,
The Land of Christ:
A Palestinian Cry
Eugene OR:
Pickwick Publications,

Reviewed by Richard Flashman.
Uploaded/Published :
January 2, 2018.

Review Article
Muslims and Non-Muslims: Not all Differences are Fabricated, or Arbitrary
A Review Essay

Steven W. Ramey (editor), Fabricating Difference; Rumy Hasan, Religion and Development in the Global South; John Safran, Depends What You Mean by Extremist: Going Rogue with Australian Deplorables; William E. Arnal, Willi Braun, Russell T. McCutcheon (editors), Failure and Nerve in the Academic Study of Religion: Essays in Honor of Donald Wiebe.

Reviewed by Raphael Lataster.
Uploaded/Published :
October 20, 2018.


Joshua W. Jipp,
Saved by Faith and Hospitality
Reviewed by Anthony Royle.

Uploaded/Published : January 1st, 2018

Gerald R. McDermott (editor).
The New Christian Zionism:
Fresh Perspectives on Israel and the Land

Reviewed by Mitch Glaser.

Uploaded/Published : January 1st, 2018

Jeremy L. Sabella,
An American Conscience:
The Reinhold Niebuhr Story

Reviewed by Daniel Salyers.

Uploaded/Published : January 1st, 2018

Mark J. Boda,
The Heartbeat of Old Testament Theology:
Three Creedal Expressions

Reviewed by Corey Wilson.

Uploaded/Published : January 1st, 2018

Nick Megoran, Warlike Christians in an Age of Violence: The Evangelical Case Against War and for the Gospel of Peace
Reviewed by Stephen M. Vantassel.

Uploaded/Published : January 1, 2018

Augustín Fuenates and Aku Visala, ed., Verbs, Bones, and Brains:Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Nature
Reviewed by Viktor Toth.

Uploaded/Published : January 24, 2018

Gerald A. Klingbeil, ed., The Genesis Creation Account and Its Reverberations in the Old Testament
Reviewed by Viktor Toth.

Uploaded/Published : March 24, 2018

James K. A. Smith. Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology(Cultural Liturgies Volume 3).
Reviewed by Joshua Beckett.

Uploaded/Published : April 28, 2018

Douglas J. Moo, and Jonathan A. Moo.Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World.Biblical Theology for Life
Reviewed by Stephen M. Vantassel.

Uploaded/Published : April 28, 2018

Erwin W. Lutzer. Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross Was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda
Reviewed by Judith C. P. Lin.

Uploaded/Published : June 18, 2018

Christopher Lilley and Daniel Pedersen (editors). Human Origins and the
Image of God: Essays in Honor of
J. Wentzel van Huyssteen

Reviewed by David Muthukumar S.

Uploaded/Published : July 29, 2018

Matthew Levering. Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: Love and Gift in the Trinity and the Church
Reviewed by Stephen M. Vantassel.

Uploaded/Published : [ September 6, 2019 ]
This replaces a previous review

R. Keith Loftin and Joshua R. Farris, (editors),
Christian Physicalism?: Philosophical Theological Criticisms

Reviewed by Viktor Toth.

Uploaded/Published : September 19, 2018

Kay Higuera Smith, Jayachitra Lalitha, and L. Daniel Hawk (editors). Evangelical Postcolonial Conversations: Global Awakenings in Theology and Praxis
Reviewed by Christopher The.

Uploaded/Published : October 20, 2018

The Evangelical Review ~ Vol. 6, 2018

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Review of Lutzer


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Review of Levering


Review of Loftin & Farris (eds.)


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