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Contents : The Evangelical Review
of Theology and Politics Vol. 11, 2023

The Evangelical Review

of Theology & Politics

Volume 11, 2023

VOL. 11, 2023


Article: 2023-01
Stephen M. Vantassel,
‘The Problem of Scholastic Monoculture.’
(An Open Letter to the Academy).

Uploaded/Published : January 29, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023, pages, A1-4

Article: 2022-02
Oladosu Samson Bisi,
‘An Expository Analysis of the Bread of Life Metaphor
in John 6:35 and its Implication for Stomach Infrastructural
Taxonomy in Nigeria’

|| Starvation || Poverty || Socio-Political Agitations ||
|| Criminal Activities || Stomach Infrastructure || Stomach Infrastructural Taxonomy ||

In all human travails, starvation appears to be the most worrisome. As a Yoruba adage “Bi ebi ba ti kuro ninu ise, ise buse”. Translated literarily, it means whenever food is removed from problem of poverty, that poverty is defeated. It is no longer news that Nigeria in the contemporary times has become an amphitheater of socio-political agitations, culminating in all sorts of criminal activities such as armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killings, internet fraud, prostitution and all sorts of social vices. Looking inwardly, however, starvation cannot be ruled out as the basis for such socio-political unrest because “a hungry man is an angry man”. While the political class are found wanting in providing conducive environment for comfort by their promise and fail attitudes, others have been engaging in what they termed, “stomach infrastructures” in Nigeria.  Since its inception in 2014, the rate at which stomach infrastructure is being rampantly engaged is no doubt becoming a taxonomy in Nigeria. This paper examines the historical background of the bread of life metaphor in John 6:35 and applies it in expositional form for the contemporary Nigerian context. Findings reveal that Jesus’ audience had been subjected to acute poverty by the powers that be and were desperate to survive by all means. The paper concludes that giving peanuts to citizens from our collective patrimony might be doing more harm than good to the peaceful co-existence of the Nigeria nation...

Uploaded/Published : January 29, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023, pages, A5-14

Article: 2022-03
Ben Somervell,
‘Anti-theism and Eschatology:
Countering Nietzsche’s Claim that Christianity
is too “other-worldly”’

|| Apologetics || Eschatology || Friedrich Nietzsche ||
|| Anti-theism || New atheism || Total Depravity ||

Friedrich Nietzsche is undoubtedly one of the most influential atheists in history and his work continues to strongly influence atheism today. The firmest legacy of Nietzsche’s atheism has actually been his antitheism and view that the Christian way of life is undesirable. We see this influence in the virulent and pervading anti-theism of the “New Atheists”. However, despite Nietzsche’s clear influence, relatively little modern academic work has been directly published on the specific question of how Christians today ought to respond to his critique of Christianity. In this essay, I hope to begin to redress that inattention by critiquing Nietzsche’s polemic against Christian salvation and eschatology.

Uploaded/Published : March 26, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023, pages, A15-30

Article: 2022-04
John P. Lesko,
‘A Refugee and Immigrant Literature Survey:
Lived Experiences of the Global Refugee Crisis’

|| Refugee Crisis || Forcibly Displaced Populations || Immigration || Refugee and Immigrant Literature || Immigration and Migration || Language Learning ||

The ongoing refugee crisis surpassed 100 million forcibly displaced people as of mid-2022. Narrative publications of the immigrant experience throughout history and continuing up to the present day, in various genres and forms of creative expression, reveal an ongoing dynamic and divine action plan through which a most special genre emerges, letters of faith imprinted on the most fragile parchment of all--the spiritual fabric of the human heart. On these heart-parchments, the Spirit of God drafts living messages of gospel hope and healing to members of the human family experiencing the worst possible tragedies and unimaginably catastrophic ordeals. Guided by a lived experience framework, this current article surveys recent publications across these representations of the immigrant experience, an attempt to understand and respond to the current refugee crisis from a biblical ethos.

Uploaded/Published : May 23, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023, pages, A31-50


TR2023-01 Short Biography:
Stanley Hauerwas

T.L. Hulsey
‘Stanley Hauerwas: A Short Biography’

Stanley Martin Hauerwas is an American theologian, ethicist, and public intellectual; originally taught at the University of Notre Dame before moving to Duke University, serving as a longterm: as the Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics also at the Duke University School of Law. In 2014, he was also appointed to a chair in theological ethics at the University of Aberdeen. Hauerwas is considered by many to be one of the world's most influential living theologians and was named "America's Best Theologian" by Time magazine in 2001. His work is frequently read and debated by scholars in fields outside of religion or ethics, such as political philosophy, sociology, history, and literary theory.

Uploaded/Published : May 15, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023, pages, TR1-6

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Review: 2023-01
Linzey, A., & Linzey, C.
An Ethical Critique of Fur Factory Farming
New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022.

Reviewed by Stephen M. Vantassel

Uploaded/Published : March 26, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR1-4

Review: 2023-02
James M. Hamilton.
Typology: Understanding God’s Promise-Shaped Patterns: How Old Testament Expectations are Fulfilled in Christ
Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic, 2022

Reviewed by Aaron Kelley

Uploaded/Published : March 26, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR5-8

Review: 2023-03
James M. Hamilton.
Biblical Reasoning: Christological and Trinitarian Rules for Exegesis
Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2022

Reviewed by Aaron Kelley

Uploaded/Published : March 26, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR9-12

Review: 2023-04
Ben C. Blackwell, John K. Goodrich, and Jason Maston (eds.).
Reading Hebrews in Context:
The Sermon and Second Temple Judaism
Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, 2023.
ISBN: 978-0-310-11601-1

Reviewed by Jonathan Rowlands

Uploaded/Published : May 6, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR13-16


Review: 2023-05
Robyn Whitaker,
Even the Devil Quotes Scripture
Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
2023. 189 pp.

Reviewed by Jason Hensley

Uploaded/Published : July 30, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR17-20

Review: 2023-06
Brian J. Tabb, Andrew M. King, eds.,
Five Views of Christ in the Old Testament: Genre, Authorial Intent, and the Nature of Scripture.
Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic 2022, pp. 322 ISBN 9780310125518, $26.99.

Reviewed by Caleb Massey

Uploaded/Published : July 30, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR21-24

Review: 2023-07,
Patrick Deneen.
Regime Change: Toward a Post-Liberal Future.
New York, NY: Sentinel, 2023. pp. 288, $30.00.
ISBN 978-0593086902.

Reviewed by Brendon Michael Norton

Uploaded/Published : November 26, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR25-28

Review: 2023-08,
Greg Goswell.
Text and Paratext: Book Order, Title, and Division
as Keys to Biblical Interpretation
Bellingham, WA: Lexham Academic, 2022. 256 pp.
£22.42 ISBN: 9781683596110.

Reviewed by Mina Monier

Uploaded/Published : December 2, 2023 | ERTP Vol 11, 2023.
pages, BR29-30

The Evangelical Review ~ Vol. 11, 2023

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Stephen M. Vantassel


Oladosu Samson Bisi

A5 -14

Ben Somervell


John P. Lesko


Theological Reflections

T.L. Hulsey


Book Reviews

Review of Linzey & Linzey


Review of James Hamilton (1)


Review of James Hamilton (2)


Review of Ben C. Blackwell, et al,


Review of Robin Whitaker


Review of Brian J. Tabb, & Andrew M. King


Review of Patrick Deneen


Review of Goswell